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Our speciality is personal service, reliability and attention to detail.

We don’t just send a driver. You will be met
personally by one of our tour guides.

Welcome to Victoria Falls.

One of our reliable, well maintained air conditioned vehicles.

Our suggested Tours and Adventures programmes cover Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and Tanzania Visit one or visit all three. They are designed by our panel of experts. This saves you from kissing a few frogs before finding the perfect match. However, if nothing appeals to you from our shelves we will tailor-make an itinerary exclusively for you.

We also specialise in offering a selection of HOTELS to suit your particular taste. All hotels recommended by Afro Honeyguide Adventures have been tested personally by a member of our team.



We are also represented on Safari Bookings


No matter at which hotel you stay, do take a little time – if you have the time – to see:

  • The view of the bridge across the gorge from the veranda of the Victoria Falls Hotel. You don’t have to be a resident. (A quick cuppa or G&T whilst you are there?!)
  • The view over the waterhole at the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge. You don’t have to be a resident. If you time it right you can see the vultures being fed at 1.00p.m or, whilst enjoying the dazzling sunset, catch bar snacks around 6.00p.m.

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