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From the moment you arrive you sense the atmosphere of pure African tradition.

You are offered both an African wrap-around (shawl) and a face painting (African tradition…!) It is up to you to take or leave!

Having been shown to your table you are offered a traditional brew with local nibbles. And then you choose a starter from a brief menu.

And from then on it’s a help yourself free for all. As much or as little as you fancy. But what a choice!

Salads; soup; lamb from the whole lamb being barbecued ‘in front’ of you; a selection of meats ranging from pork sausages through to beef sausages; chicken; steak and game such as warthog (my favourite!) Kudu, buffalo, etc. Oh, and we nearly forgot, the famous Zambezi bream.

And if you don’t want to miss your starch there is the local staple diet of sadza. And rice too.

The non-eating session begins with lots of different African traditional dancing. Very energetic (for the dancers!) and the music really gets you in the mood.


Then every table is given a small drum. To try or not. Up to you. But for those with a little sense of rhythm you are shown by ‘the leader of the band’ how to make your drum produce ‘music’! (It was questionable whether my attempt could actually be classified as music!) But it is all good fun.

And the fun is rounded off with everyone being invited on the floor to try their hand at dancing. (Not me!) But enjoyed by many and just as enjoyable for those who simply watch.

All in all a truly ‘happy’ evening and taking everything into account, well worth the money. Long live these African traditions.


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