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What is it about this hotel that makes it so special in its own right?

What does it have?

In just a few words, peace and tranquillity with comfort and service par excellence.

In our opinion this is probably the ideal place to end your visit winding down after you have enjoyed one of the Afro Honeyguide Adventures Extended Stay tours. Where you honestly feel you need a good rest to get over your holiday!

The Stanley & Livingstone Hotel is located in the middle of nowhere! The perfect secluded retreat where you can happily spend your time just relaxing by the pool doing nothing. Except perhaps enjoying the service and the game viewing. OK you are very unlikely to see elephant, lions or leopards (but hopefully you will have seen these anyway on one of the Afro Honeyguide Tours) but usually springbok galore, often buffalo and lots of different birds. Sheer peace and tranquillity. Quite awesome.

Each ‘room’ is a separate chalet comprising a large lounge, an equally large bedroom and en suite bathroom large enough to throw a party! And for good measure your own viewing veranda thrown in to complete the ambient atmosphere.

The spacious lounge has comfortable settees, a television with DVD and CD players and tea making facilities. The bedroom seems equally capacious with all ‘mod cons’ whilst – to the delight of many and the dismay of equally as many – each bathroom boasts a bathroom scale...! (Did we really eat so much? OK, lets diet from tomorrow!)

And when you can drag yourself away back to the real world, Afro Honeyguide will collect you to take you on the relatively short drive to Victoria Falls airport.

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