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You probably want to visit Victoria Falls especially to see the actual Falls in all their magnificence. You will not be disappointed!

From the start of the very first Fall the river has eroded rock until coming up to another fissure which was the making of a second Fall with the initial first Falls becoming gorge number 1. The process has continued relentlessly over the millennia. The present massive fissure is the whole stretch of the mighty Victoria Falls as you see them today.

The Falls

You start your tour along a path to where you meet the man who made the Victoria Falls (named after Queen Victoria) known to the outside world. The statue of David Livingstone. And when you walk a little further ahead you have your initial view of the first upper Fall and the Devil’s Cataract. Beyond that you see the upper Zambezi.

As you retrace your steps the path takes you back to a staircase to your left. If you descend, the steps are steep. At the bottom you have a magnificent full view of the closest fall, i.e. The Devil’s Cataract. You also catch a glimpse of the main Falls and trees on Livingstone Island which is on the Zambian side.

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This view is a most popular one.

You then carry along the path taking the left fork. At the next viewing point you are again overlooking the Devil’s Cataract and Cataract Island. And to the right you have the start of the main Falls.

We do not wish to spoil the Falls for you by telling you too much in advance. Your guide will show you along the length of the Falls which embrace no less than 15 view points although some are simply different angles of the same part of the Falls. You will be shown all the different sections of the Falls which make them so spectacular. They are, after all, the widest curtain of falling water in the world.

Flora and Fauna

As you are viewing the Falls from within a rainforest you will not be surprised to see dense vegetation. Intertwining trees, woody creepers, African Mangosteen and climbing Acacia - they are all there. And from the viewpoint overlooking the Devil’s Cataract and Cataract Island there is a tree with the name Strangler Fig. As the name implies, it is famous for how it grows by forming a sheath around its victim tree. (Gees!)

Despite the presence of a long list of common birds, there is one which is particularly outstanding. The Livingstone Lourie. You might just catch a glimpse of it as it swoops between the tree tops or across the gorge.

Tours Victoria Falls - Livingstone Island

As you continue along the paths you could be lucky to see animal footprints because there is quite a varied animal life in the Falls area. I was blessed enough to see a young bushbuck, about a metre from the path. She looked straight into my eyes. It was a wonderful memorable experience.

Flora and Fauna Tour at Victoria Falls

All in all we are confident that a tour of the Falls with Afro Honeyguide Adventures will not leave you disappointed. Enjoy!

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